Do you want to feel at home when in Hungary?

I have something special for you

to make your dream come true!

🎁 Exclusive Gift for Hungarian Heritage Expo Visitors! 🎁

As a special thank you for attending the Hungarian Heritage Expo,

we’re delighted to offer you our

Hungarian Survival Mini-Course

— absolutely FREE!

With 60 minutes of content across 10 videos, this mini-course offers a

comprehensive introduction to Hungarian language and culture,

perfect for anyone looking to get acquainted with Hungarians

and deepen their understanding of the people, the country and the Hungarian heritage.

Inside, you'll find practical phrases, cultural insights,

and handy tips for getting around and engaging with locals:

  • 33 Must-Know Hungarian Phrases:

    From greetings to practical expressions, be prepared for everyday conversations.

  • Eating and Drinking Like a Local:

    Discover popular traditional Hungarian foods and drinks, and where to find the best restaurants offering them in Hungary.

  • Cultural Insights and Etiquette:

    Understand key aspects of Hungarian culture and social norms.

  • Navigating Numbers and Transactions:

    Master numbers for shopping, dining, and handling money.

  • Understanding the Hungarian Diaspora:

    Gain insight into why so many Hungarians live abroad and how this history shapes modern Hungary.

Make your Hungarian experience unforgettable!

Looking for more?

Have you also tried already learning Hungarian but you did not achieve the results you wished to?

Not achieving our goal can be disappointing and discouraging.

Learning Hungarian doesn't have to be demotivating though!

There are several simple things that contribute immensely to your success:

  • the right motivation

  • the right mindset

  • the right tools

  • the right materials

  • the right mentor

  • a community to belong to and share your hardships and successes with

That is why I have created the

The first and only online Hungarian Campus,

your one-stop-shop for

Hungarian language and culture.

This is what is waiting for you in the Hungarian Campus:


A0 - B1 level grammar videos with detailed explanation and example sentences so that you can already use them in your life.

50+ videos, a total of 760 minutes.

(and still expanding)

Expressions & conversations

The most common Hungarian words and expressions, starting from greetings all the way till real-life conversations.

20 + videos, a total of 160 minutes.

(and still expanding)

Culture & history

Including Hungarian festivities, cuisine, art, history and sights.

20+ videos, a total of 300 minutes.

(and still expanding)

Grammar exercises

Exercises for each grammar lesson so that you can put in practice right away what you learned from the explanation videos.

In total of 1400+ bilingual exercises (Hungarian and English), with solutions.


Pronunciation-focused videos to help you refine your Hungarian voice.


Listening exercises starting from simple to more complicated texts to improve your
comprehension and expression skills.

Bite-size mini lessons

Continuously creating bite size lessons in all above mentioned categories.

You can request any topic and I will make a (mini) lesson about it. That's how it works at the Hungarian Campus. :)

Monthly online meetings

We have monthly online live meetings so that you can ask all your questions and go forward confidently in your learning journey.

Interested to join?

The Hungarian Campus will open its doors in Autumn 2024.

Make sure you save your spot on the waitlist!

We will notify you about our grand opening and you will receive an invitation to join for free the Open Week prior the doors open officially.

Are you more advanced

and you just want to practice speaking?

I have a very cozy and supportive

Hungarian Speaking Club

for B1-B2 level learners where we practice only speaking.

Having conversations about various and random topics

helps the participants to grow their confidence and fluency

in Hungarian.

And as an extra,

it is just so valuable to have a group who listens to you,

understands you and supports you.

It is not just a Speaking Club, it is also a "léleksimogató".

("Soul caressing" is the closest translation I found.).

I love this word because it really conveys the

expressiveness of our beloved Hungarian language. ❤️

My Mission

I want to tell the whole world about my truly beautiful Hungarian mother tongue and incredibly rich Hungarian culture.

I want to
overwrite the negative distance between the world and Hungarian(s) by presenting them and bringing them closer to everyone.

I want the world to know that Hungarian is
a very unique, extremely interesting and expressive language.

I want to tell the world about
how much Hungarians actually contributed to the evolution and present state of our lives, with great inventions of great minds, with cuisine, art, movies and in general, culture.

Finally, I want you to fall in love with Hungarian(s), enjoy learning Hungarian, and be proud of your achievements with this wonderful language!



Sofie it's a very kind, friendly, positive person who is a great instructor to guide you through the Hungarian culture, traditions, life style and language!

I recommend from the heart!


Sofie is a very attentive teacher, who will always care about you and will adjust the learning process according to the students' needs.

Her courses will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and a chance to practice what you've learned both in writing and speaking, so you get comfortable enough to actually use your HUN skills in your day to day life!

Overall, I absolutely recommend having her as your Hungarian teacher!


I started attending the Speaking Club with Zsófi couple of months ago.

I've been studying Hungarian for more than two years but I didn't have enough courage to use it.

I was always shy and afraid of pronouncing the words wrong or saying something the wrong way. Since I am in the Speaking Club I can express myself more, I can speak more courageously.

I met wonderful people in this Club who showed me support and understanding of what I'm going through.

Words won't do you justice Zsófi!!!

Amazing teacher, amazing teaching skills.

Finally a teacher that actually understands and experienced how it feels to learn a foreign language in an old age!!!

Thank you so much and can't wait to start the my new membership in the Hungarian Speaking Club.